Pokhara celebrates paddy transplanting festival [In Picturess]

Bijay Nepal 30 Jun 2023
Pokhara celebrates paddy transplanting festival [In Picturess]

POKHARA: The tourism community of Pokhara celebrated National Paddy Day by organizing a paddy transplantation program at Dumribot in Pokhara-13 on Friday.

The Pokhara Tourism Council (PTC) coordinated the event in association with various other tourism organizations, aiming to promote Pokhara as a year-round destination.

Foreign tourists, who actively participated in the transplantation of paddy seedlings alongside local residents, described the event as a remarkable experience.

PTC President Pom Narayan Shrestha highlighted that the paddy transplantation celebration, which Pokhara initiated nearly two decades ago, has now become a national program. He stated, “In addition to promoting agritourism, this festival contributes to the promotion of paddy cultivation.”

Several entertaining activities were organized to promote Pokhara as an off-season tourist destination. Locals and tourists enthusiastically participated in events such as oxen races, seedling transplantation competitions, singing competitions, mud races, tug of war, and pot-breaking contests.

The Nepal Tourism Board and Pokhara Metropolitan City supported the event.

The organizers have been hosting the event in different paddy fields each year. Birauta, Biruwa, Kundahar, Mahatgauda, Lamachaur, Lekhnath, Kahun, and Pame are among the major areas for paddy cultivation in Pokhara.

Published On: 30 Jun 2023


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