Yomari Punhi celebrations in Kathmandu [In Pictures]

Dipesh Shrestha 26 Dec 2023
Yomari Punhi celebrations in Kathmandu [In Pictures]

KATHMANDU: The Newar community nationwide is celebrating Yamari Punhi and National Jyapu Day by organizing various programs on Tuesday.

Yomari, a sweet steamed delicacy made from rice flour and filled with a mixture of jaggery (unrefined sugar) and sesame seeds, or other sweet fillings like molasses or milk solids, is a key highlight of the celebrations. It is traditionally shaped like a fish and symbolizes good fortune and prosperity.

As per tradition, there is a custom of worshiping yomari in the place where rice paddy is stored in every household for four, six, or up to 12 days. Yomari Punhi is also a time when families come together to make and share yomari, and it holds cultural and religious significance in the Newari community.

To commemorate Yomari Punhi and the 20th National Jyapu Day, a colorful procession was taken out in Kathmandu on Tuesday morning. The procession, which commenced from Tengal, led by the traditional Newari musical troupe, concluded in Basantapur after passing through Thamel, Asan, and Indrachowk.

Published On: 26 Dec 2023


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