Two women found dead in Sunsari in separate incidents

Himal Press 18 Sep 2023
Two women found dead in Sunsari in separate incidents

ITAHARI: Two women were allegedly murdered in separate incidents in Sunsari district on Sunday. Preliminary investigations suggest the involvement of close family members in both cases, according to the police.

Nikita Chaudhary (23), a resident of Inaruwa-3, was found dead on Sunday night. Nikita’s family members allege that her husband, Narendra Bhagat (32), killed her due to dowry disputes.

Nikita’s brother, Rakesh, claimed that Narendra strangled Nikita in their bedroom at around 10 pm on Sunday. “They got married 21 months ago, but for a long time, Narendra had been subjecting Nikita to torture over dowry demands,” Rakesh stated.

Nikita’s family has filed a culpable homicide case against Narendra at the District Police Office in Sunsari. Bhagat has been detained for further investigation.

In another incident, a 30-year-old single woman named Usha Mahato was found dead in Haripur in Koshi Rural Municipality-7 of Sunsari.

Usha’s brother-in-law, Santosh Mahato (19), is alleged to have killed her by poisoning accusing her of talking to strangers on the phone.

Sources indicate that Santosh had been subjecting Usha to torture and physical abuse after her husband passed away approximately a year ago, to avoid sharing parental property with her.

Usha was initially taken to District Hospital Inaruwa but was later transferred to Koshi Provincial Hospital. Tragically, she passed away while undergoing treatment the same night, according to Usha’s son, Rajesh (12).

The District Police Office in Sunsari is conducting investigations into both cases.

Published On: 18 Sep 2023


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