The Film Nepal launches online platform for Nepali films

Himal Press 16 Mar 2024
The Film Nepal launches online platform for Nepali films

KATHMANDU: An online platform exclusively for Nepali films has come into operation.

Developed by The Film Nepal, the platform ( offers a wealth of information about Nepali movies, actors, directors, and industry news. “Users can easily access details about upcoming films, watch trailers, and read reviews. Additionally, the platform provides a curated list of Nepali movies available on popular streaming services like YouTube and OTT platforms, making it convenient for viewers to discover and watch their favorite films,” stated The Film Nepal.

The platform also features a notification service that alerts users about new releases on YouTube and OTT platforms. Furthermore, users can rate and review movies which helps create a vibrant community of film enthusiasts.

“In addition to serving as an online directory for Nepali films and artists, The Film Nepal also offers promotional services for filmmakers. Through the platform, filmmakers can showcase trailers, posters, and other promotional materials for their films, reaching a wider audience and generating buzz before release,” the statement added.

According to the statement, the platform also provides profile verification options for artists to ensure authenticity and credibility, allowing users to trust the information provided. “As part of its mission to support the growth of the Nepali film industry, the platform features news articles covering industry developments, film projects, and interviews with industry professionals. Users can stay informed about the latest happenings in the industry, further contributing to its growth and development,” it continued.

The Film Nepal aims to expand its services to include showtimes and ticket booking for multiplex cinemas in the future.

Published On: 16 Mar 2024


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