RSP removes General Secretary Dhakal from all party positions

Himal Press 09 Jul 2024
RSP removes General Secretary Dhakal from all party positions

KATHMANDU: Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has taken disciplinary action against its General Secretary Mukul Dhakal.

A meeting of the party’s central committee held on Tuesday relieved Dhakal of all party responsibilities.

“The central committee took the action as per the recommendation of the party’s disciplinary commission. Dhakal has been relieved of party positions like general secretary, spokesperson, and central committee member,” RSP  leader Sobita Gautam said after the meeting. “Dhakal can appeal for review of the decision within 35 days as per the party constitution.”

According to RSP leaders, the disciplinary commission found that Dhakal violated the party’s code of conduct and caused a loss to the party.

Earlier, RSP had suspended Dhakal for a week after he shared the findings of his study report with the media before presenting it to the party. In the report, which he prepared after meeting party leaders and cadres in 38 districts, Dhakal questioned the working style of the party leadership and warned that it would fail miserably in the 2027 elections if necessary interventions were not taken in time.

Published On: 09 Jul 2024


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