KMC prioritizes school education in its policies and programs

Himal Press 14 Jun 2024
KMC prioritizes school education in its policies and programs

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan City has presented policies and programs for the fiscal year 2024/25.

Presenting the policies and programs in the meeting of the Municipal Assembly on Friday, Mayor Balendra Shah said at least 30% of the workforce needed for the implementation of KMC’s development programs will be supplied by the KMC’s labor bank.

Likewise, he said sports will be made compulsory from the pre-primary level in schools for the physical and mental development of children.

KMC has said that needful arrangements will be made to operate public transport during nighttime as well.

KMC will now bring its budget for the fiscal year 2024/25 based on these policies and programs. All local units must bring their fiscal budget by June 25.

Here are some of the important programs included in the policies and programs:

  • New businesses that provide direct employment to at least 20 people will be eligible for a 100% exemption from business tax for the first three years.
  • At least 30% of the required workforce for development and construction programs implemented by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City will be supplied through the metropolitan labor bank.
  • The transactions of cooperatives within KMC’s jurisdiction will be integrated into an electronic system and further systematized. A cooperative information center will be established for institutional governance.
  • Sports and physical activities will be made compulsory from the pre-primary level for the mental and physical development of students. All resource centers will have at least one counselor and one nurse. Pre-primary classes will be conducted in at least two levels.
  • The academic and physical infrastructure of community schools will be improved to enable students to compete at the international level.
  • A standard diet plan will be implemented for mid-day meals in community schools. For schools with less than 200 students, a center kitchen concept will be introduced.
  • Scholarships provided by non-governmental organizations to community and institutional schools will be distributed through a single-door system of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.
  • A special school will be established and operated, targeting students with autism.
  • Necessary arrangements will be made for students to earn while learning through part-time work to promote the concept of “learning while earning.”
  • The movable and immovable properties of community schools within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City will be used solely for educational purposes.
  • The authority granted to the local level by the Constitution of Nepal will be fully exercised.
  • The vision of a “Cultural City, Prosperous Metropolis” will be realized by fully utilizing the authority granted by the Constitution.
  • Kathmandu Metropolitan City will be made a safe, inclusive, prosperous, and vibrant city.
Published On: 14 Jun 2024


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