‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’ will expand market of Nepali films: Subba

Himal Press 05 Jun 2024
‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’ will expand market of Nepali films: Subba

KATHMANDU: Nabin Subba is preparing for the release of his fourth film ‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’ (a road to a village).

This film is special for Subba who is known for picking original stories of different communities. In his first film, Numafung, Subba told the story of the Limbu community of eastern Nepal. Likewise, his second film Khanghri is based on the Sherpa people who are known for their mountaineering skills. Similarly, in his third film, Goodbye Kathmandu, he tells three different stories. The film is yet to be released.

Gaun Aayeko Bato is based on the Rai people who live in the mid-hills of eastern Nepal. The film is releasing this Friday. In the film, Subba tells the story of Maila, his wife Maili, and their seven-year-old son Bindre, and their struggles with the construction of a motorable road to their village.

“This film tells the story of the relationship between a man and his son after their village is connected with the road network,” Subba said. “Roads bring dreams to the village. Not only dreams, but roads also bring challenges. We have also shown the struggles that the father faces while fulfilling the dreams of his son.”

Subba is confident that the film, which has been selected for over two dozen international film festivals, will be liked by the Nepali audience. “With this film, I am targeting both the general audience and film festival audiences,” Subba said. “I am confident that the issue and the way it has been presented will be liked by the audience.”

The journalist-turned-filmmaker is confident that the film will expand the market for Nepali films outside the country.

The film was selected for screening in Toronto International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Sao Paolo International Film Festival and Jio Mami Mumbai Film Festival.

Subba wrote the screenplay for the film together with Mahesh Rai, while Amod Rai is the producer. The film has been made under the banners of Bansuri Films and Menchhyayem Pictures.

Published On: 05 Jun 2024


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