Policies and Programs for 2024/25

Gandaki prioritizes agriculture, education, health and tourism

Himal Press 11 Jun 2024
Gandaki prioritizes agriculture, education, health and tourism

POKHARA: The Gandaki Province Government has prioritized areas such as agriculture, education, health and tourism in its policies and programs for the upcoming fiscal year 2024/25.
Presenting the policies and programs of the province government at the meeting of the Gandaki Provincial Assembly on Tuesday, Gandaki Province Chief Dilli Raj Bhatta said that sustainable peace, good governance, development, and prosperity are the goals of the province government. He added that the province government is serious about addressing issues related to basic needs, health, education and drinking water of the people residing in the province.

The policies and programs mention that the government is committed and responsible for fulfilling its duties, including implementing the constitutional agenda, enacting laws, expanding and upgrading road networks in all local units of the province, ensuring access to quality drinking water, creating employment opportunities, and disaster management.

Province Chief Bhatta said that the province government is focused on creating a provincial project bank to make budget formulations effective and balanced. He added that a study has been initiated to assess the current status of ongoing, ailing, and problematic projects, and initiate reforms and improvements for their effective management.

The policies and programs state that policy reforms will be made in partnership and coordination with the private and cooperative sectors. The province government has announced the implementation of ‘Invest Gandaki Program’ to for investment promotion and facilitation of projects to be implemented through private and public-private partnerships.

Likewise, the province government has expressed commitment to adopt austerity measures in current expenditures and increase the proportion of capital expenditures by utilizing available resources for the province’s prosperity.

The province government has stated that it will promote organic farming by prioritizing the production and use of organic fertilizers for the development of a sustainable agricultural system. Likewise, the province government has stated that necessary legal provisions will be made and implemented for cannabis cultivation for the production of medicinal and industrial raw materials.

Published On: 11 Jun 2024


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