Dhakal accuses RSP President Lamichhane of financial misconduct

Himal Press 10 Jul 2024
Dhakal accuses RSP President Lamichhane of financial misconduct

KATHMANDU: Former General Secretary of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), Mukul Dhakal, has accused party president Rabi Lamichhane of financial misconduct within the party in addition to the misappropriation of cooperative deposits.

Dhakal made these accusations during a press meet organized a day after the party dismissed him from all positions except general membership.

“Rabi Lamichhane has not only defrauded the cooperative but also the party,” Dhakal stated. “While at Gorkha Media, he blamed GB Rai for all his mistakes. Today, he is blaming the general secretary for all wrongdoings in the party.”

Dhakal also alleged RSP Vice President DP Aryal of pocketing financial contributions meant for the party. “DP Aryal has gone so far as to keep the money given by some friends in his pocket instead of depositing it in the party fund,” he said. “This happened just two weeks ago. He said he needed the money to repay a loan. But RSP doesn’t allow leaders and cadres to borrow from the party.”

Former General Secretary Dhakal also urged RSP leaders and cadres to free the party from President Lamichhane’s influence.

RSP removed Dhakal from all party responsibilities on Monday on the recommendation of its disciplinary commission. He has 35 days to make an appeal for a review of the decision as per the party constitution.

Published On: 10 Jul 2024


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