CMR opens journalism academy

Himal Press 02 Dec 2022
CMR opens journalism academy

KATHMANDU: Center for Media Research (CMR) has established CMR Journalism Academy in Nepal with the objective of strengthening the digital capacity of Nepali journalists.

The academy has been established in collaboration with Interlink Academy of Germany.

Speaking at the launching ceremony on Friday, Ujjwal Acharya, managing director of CMR Journalism Academy, said the academy will start offering training programs for journalists on mobile journalism, podcast, digital security, fact check, media literacy and data journalism from January.

In his message, Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) President Bipul Pokhrel said he was hopeful that the academy would enhance the capacity of Nepali journalists by imparting necessary training.

Similarly, German ambassador to Nepal Dr Thomas Prinz said democracy thrives only when the press is free. Stating that fake information would be disastrous for society, he said the academy should work to minimize the dissemination of fake information.

Also speaking on the occasion, Werner Eggert, managing director of Interlink Academy, said he was hopeful that training imparted by the academy would enhance the professionalism of Nepali journalism.

Presiding over the program, CMR President Trishna Acharya said the academy would be crucial in enhancing the technical and practical skills of Nepali journalists.

Published On: 02 Dec 2022


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