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Climate justice should not be forgotten while talking about social justice: President Paudel

Himal Press 13 Jun 2024
Climate justice should not be forgotten while talking about social justice: President Paudel

KATHMANDU: President Ram Chandra Paudel has said that climate justice, which needs to be established globally, cannot be overlooked while talking about social justice.

Delivering his keynote address in the Inaugural Forum of the Global Coalition for Social Justice during the 112th International Labor Conference in Geneva on Thursday, President Paudel called on the global community to immediately ensure climate justice by providing sufficient funds and necessary technology to countries suffering from the negative impacts of climate change.

“In recent years, our Himalayas, including the world’s highest peak Mount Everest, have begun losing their snow and turning into black rock, and the glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate and volume,” President Paudel said. “Climate change has severely impacted clean water, crops, biodiversity and health, pushing millions of people into extreme poverty and inequality. Displacement of families, communities, and livelihood losses due to climate-induced disasters have further complicated the problem.”

President Paudel appealed to all to develop a culture of respecting labor. “Ensuring that workers receive a fair share of the proceeds from their labor is a shared responsibility of all, and this is social justice. It is also our collective resolve to ensure equality and justice for workers,” he said. “As an activist, who dedicated his entire youth to the struggle for freedom and social justice and spent 15 years in prison, I say that the underprivileged people in all countries and societies must have justice and be free from hunger and fear.”

Pointing out that the current labor market is rapidly changing, demanding new skills, new technologies, and creative work approaches, President Paudel more adaptability and a new work approach are needed to cope with the changing nature of work. “Unfortunately, a large amount of money that should have been spent on development has been invested in futile wars and deadly weapons. The international community needs to reverse this path and mobilize resources for the overall prosperity of humanity,” Paudel said, adding: “Sustainable peace cannot be achieved through weapons but through shared prosperity and a spirit of global fraternity.”

Pauddel expressed confidence that the Global Coalition for Social Justice will continue to inspire everyone to develop the capacity of our society to bear inequality, maintain coherence in social and economic policies and achieve shared prosperity through social dialogue.


Published On: 13 Jun 2024


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