UML’s Karki making a claim to form government in Koshi

Himal Press 09 May 2024
UML’s Karki making a claim to form government in Koshi Hikmat Kumar Karki

ITAHARI: CPN-UML’s parliamentary leader in Koshi Province, Hikmar Kumar Karki, is making a claim to form government in Koshi Province later on Thursday.

Although Chief Minister Kedar Karki hasn’t stepped down, Province Chief Parshu Ram Khapung on Wednesday evening invited members in the province assembly to make their claims for government formation in the province as per Article 168 (5) of the Constitution of Nepal, 2015, by 5 pm on May 10.

The Province Chief issued the notice after Chief Minister Karki failed to initiate the process of undergoing a floor test within 30 days of the withdrawal of support extended to him by assembly members of the CPN (Maoist Center).

UML’s Chief Whip in Kosi Province Assembly, Rebati Raman Bhandari, said preparations were underway to submit the claim to form a UML-Maoist Center coalition government by Thursday afternoon. According to Bhandari, UML has instructed all its assembly members to reach the Province Assembly Secretariat at 11 am.

Maoist Center has also asked its assembly members to arrive at the secretariat by 11 am.

UML’s Karki had briefly held the position of Chief Minister twice after the November 2022 polls. This will be his third stint as Chief Minister of Koshi.

Published On: 09 May 2024


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