‘Nearly three dozen Nepalis in Chinese jails’

Himal Press 05 Apr 2024
‘Nearly three dozen Nepalis in Chinese jails’ Nepali ambassador to China Bishnu Pukar Shrestha. Photo: RSS

KATHMANDU: China has detained more than three dozen Nepalis in various prisons on charges ranging from drugs to espionage, Nepal’s envoy to China has claimed.

In an interview with the RSS news agency, Nepal’s ambassador to China, Bishnu Pukar Shrestha, said that the embassy has received information that 30-35 Nepalis are currently serving sentences in different Chinese prisons. “Most of the charges are related to drugs. Drug offenses are considered serious crimes in China,” Shrestha said.

He further added that the embassy has submitted notes to Chinese authorities requesting for the release of Nepalis in Chinese custody. “We have urged Chinese authorities to consider pardoning the remaining sentences of Nepalis who have spent many years in Chinese jails. Some Nepalis have also requested a transfer of their prison terms, expressing a desire to serve their sentences in Nepali prisons,” he added. “A few Nepalis have also been detained on espionage charges.”

According to Shrestha, the embassy is in the process of gathering details about Nepalis serving sentences in various Chinese prisons.

Published On: 05 Apr 2024


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