Loan shark victims’ ‘march past’ in Kathmandu [In Pictures]

Dipesh Shrestha 01 Mar 2024
Loan shark victims’ ‘march past’ in Kathmandu [In Pictures]

KATHMANDU: Loan shark victims from various parts of the country, who have gathered in Kathmandu, organized a march past parade on Friday to draw the government’s attention toward their demands.

The march, which began from Putalisdak, concluded at Bhraikunti Mandap after traversing through Bag Bazaar, Ratna Park, Sundhara, Shahid Gate, and Bhadrakali. These victims, who undertook a 23-day walk to Kathmandu from different parts of the country, have been organizing various protest programs in the capital.

Victims report that loan sharks coerced them into signing loan documents by inflating credit amounts and transferring ownership of pledged land and property without their consent. Some claim the loan sharks even compelled them to sign blank checks.

Among others, the victims have urged the government to invalidate faulty loan documents, release frozen property pledged as collateral to loan sharks, and nullify checks that loan sharks forced them to sign.






Published On: 01 Mar 2024


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