Seto Machhindranath chariot festival begins [In Pictures]

Dipesh Shrestha 16 Apr 2024
Seto Machhindranath chariot festival begins [In Pictures]

KATHMANDU: The chariot festival of Seto Machhindranath, the deity of rain and good harvests, has begun in Kathmandu.

On the first day of the festival on Tuesday, the deity was carried in a palanquin from Machhindra Bahal temple to the Tindhara Pathsala. After the deity was installed in the 32-foot-tall chariot, devotees pulled the chariot through Ghantaghar, Ratnapark, and Bhotahity to Asan.

The chariot will be pulled from Asan to Hanuman Dhoka via Keltol, Indrachok and Makhan on the second day, i.e., Wednesday. Likewise, on the third day, the chariot will be taken to Lagan Tol via Chikamugal, Jaishidewal and Jyabahal.

On the fourth day, the chariot will be taken around the Ama Rukh, or mother tree, at Lagan Tol. Likewise, the deity will be placed back in the palanquin from the chariot and taken through Jyabahal Dya, Yatunani, Kohiti, Bhimsensthan, Maru, Yatkha, Nardevi, Kilagal, Bhedasingh, and Keltol, and finally reinstalling in the Machhindra Bahal temple on the fifth day of the festival.





Published On: 16 Apr 2024


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