Koshi Chief Minister Karki secures trust vote

Himal Press 13 May 2024
Koshi Chief Minister Karki secures trust vote Hikmat Kumar Karki

KATHMANDU: Koshi Chief Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki has secured a vote of confidence from the Koshi Province Assembly.

Fifty-seven assembly members voted in support of the motion of vote of confidence tabled by Karki on Monday. Assembly members of CPN-UML, CPN (Maoist Center), and CPN (Unified Socialist) voted in favor of the motion. Forty members of CPN-UML, 13 of CPN (Maoist Center), and four of CPN (Unified Socialist) supported the motion of vote of confidence.

Sixty-two assembly members were present in the 93-member province assembly on Monday. Five of them remained neutral.

Nepali Congress boycotted the voting process. The party had earlier requested Chief Minister Karki to postpone the trust vote process until the Supreme Court verdict.

Former Chief Minister Kedar Karki, who is from the Nepali Congress, has challenged the formation of the new government under Karki.

Published On: 13 May 2024


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