Heading home for Dashain festivities [In Pictures]

Dipesh Shrestha 20 Oct 2023
Heading home for Dashain festivities [In Pictures]

KATHMANDU: As the main Dashain festivities draw near, the number of people departing from Kathmandu to celebrate the holiday in their hometowns is on the rise.

Individuals in the capital city for various reasons, including work, business, employment, and education, are returning to their native places during Dashain.

According to traffic police personnel, a substantial number of buses, microbuses, and minibuses carrying passengers are departing from various locations within the Kathmandu Valley, such as Kalanki, Balkhu, Koteshwar, Balaju, and other entry points.

A significant number of travelers from areas like Koteshwar, Jadibuti, and Lokanthali have already set off for destinations in the eastern districts, including Sindhupalchok, Dolakha, Sindhuli, Ramechhap, via the Araniko highway.

These photographs were taken at the Koteshwar intersection on a Friday morning.








Published On: 20 Oct 2023


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