China agrees to help start bone marrow transplantation in Nepal

Himal Press 26 Apr 2024
China agrees to help start bone marrow transplantation in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Nepal and China have signed two agreements in the health and financial sectors.

The China International Development Cooperation Agency signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health and Population to help start a bone marrow transplantation service in Nepal. Likewise, it signed an agreement on Human Resource Development Cooperation with the finance ministry.

During Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s visit to China last year, China had expressed commitment to help in starting the bone marrow transplant service in Nepal. According to the agreement, China will provide support to the BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital for infrastructure development as well as training medical personnel for bone marrow transplantation.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Finance Barsha Man Pun thanked China for its continued support for Nepal’s development. Recalling the deep, diverse, and sustainable relationship between Nepal and China, Pun said that the two countries have been moving forward with mutual cooperation and friendship while respecting each other’s aspirations and sensitivities.

Liu Zhaohui, chairperson of the China International Development Cooperation Agency, who led the delegation, said that Nepal is a good friend of China and that China has always supported Nepal’s development endeavors. He expressed commitment to gradually implementing every agreement reached during President Xi’s visit to Nepal and Prime Minister Dahal’s visit to China.

Published On: 26 Apr 2024


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