Belbari road accident death toll rises to three

Himal Press 01 Mar 2024
Belbari road accident death toll rises to three

ITAHARI: The death toll in a road accident in Belbari of Morang on Friday morning has increased to three.

The casualties occurred when a tipper hit a jeep after colliding with a bus on the East-West Highway in Belbari. Krishna Gajurel (36), the driver of the jeep, succumbed to injuries at Neuro Hospital in Biratnagar.

Two passengers of the jeep – Yadukanta Bhattrai (51) of Kamal-2 and Deepa Khanal (440) of Kamal-4 of Jhapa –  were declared on arrival at Koshi Hospital on Friday morning.

Gayatri Bhattarai (50) and Hari Khanal (55) of Kamal-2 are receiving treatment at Neuro Hospital Biratnagar. All the deceased and the injured were in the jeep.

Police have taken tipper driver Chandra Bahadur BK (23) of Sundar Haraicha-7, Morang, and bus driver Chhatra Kumar Maskey of Sundar Haraicha-12 under control for investigation.

Published On: 01 Mar 2024


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