‘Sindoor Jatra’ celebration in Thimi [In Pictures]

Dipesh Shrestha 14 Apr 2024
‘Sindoor Jatra’ celebration in Thimi [In Pictures]

KATHMANDU: The people of Madhyapur Thimi in Bhaktapur are busy celebrating ‘Sindoor Jatra’.

Observed on the second day of the Nepali New Year as part of the Biska celebration in Bhaktapur, participants carried various deities in palanquins, accompanied by teams playing traditional musical instruments on Sunday. During this event, people apply Sindoor (vermilion) to their friends and families, and then carry the palanquins to different settlements within the ancient Newari town. A total of 32 palanquins, representing gods and goddesses—23 from Thimi, seven from Bode, and one each from Nagadesh and Tigani—have been brought to the premises of Balkumari temple, passing through various ancient settlements.

Locals offer vermilion and flowers to the deities, as well as to the palanquins, from their rooftops.






Published On: 14 Apr 2024


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