Sides form in parliament over cooperative fraud: Thapa

Himal Press 16 May 2024
Sides form in parliament over cooperative fraud: Thapa File Photo

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) General Secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa has said parliament is seemingly divided into two sides – one protecting cooperative fraudsters, and the other demanding action against such people.

Speaking at a press meet in the parliament building on Tuesday evening, Thapa said it is now up to the parties in parliament to decide which side they want to take. “We have been requesting other parties to form a parliamentary inquiry panel as the involvement of the home minister has been seen in the cooperative fraud,” Thapa said. “We don’t want parliament to fall hostage to indecisiveness for a long time.”

He also said Speaker Devraj Ghimire’s conduct on Thursday was not impartial. “The Speaker is responsible for what happened in the House of Representatives on Thursday,” he added.

Published On: 16 May 2024


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