Resham Chaudhary issued death threats, claims Nagarik Unmukti leader

Himal Press 01 Apr 2024
Resham Chaudhary issued death threats, claims Nagarik Unmukti leader

KATHMANDU: Ramesh Bishwakarma, a central committee member of the Nagarik Unmukti Party, has claimed that he and three other party leaders have received death threats.

Organizing a press conference in Kathmandu on Monday, Bishwakarma claimed that the party’s patron, Resham Lal Chaudhary, warned the four of the consequences if the Sudurpashchim Province government led by Kamal Bahadur Shaha is ousted. “Chaudhary told us that if Kamal Bahadur Shah’s government in Sudurpaschim falls, then the lives of you four are also at risk,” Bishwakarma said. “Since I was also assaulted at the party office this morning, I take this threat seriously.”

Bishwakarma claimed that some unidentified individuals attacked him at the party office on Monday.

“They were all strangers to me. I hadn’t seen them before. I am unaware of who brought them to the party office,” he said. “The attack occurred the day after Chaudhary issued death threats to me, Tikapur Mayor Ram Lal Dagaura Tharu, Tikapur-4 Ward Chairperson Lalbir Chaudhary and Tikapur-5 Ward Chairperson.”

According to Bishwakarma, he had arrived at the office at 8 am on Monday for a meeting of founding central committee members called by party chairperson Ranjita Shrestha. “Before Chairperson Shrestha arrived at the meeting venue, those individuals locked the door and attacked me,” he added. “Any threat to us to protect the government is unacceptable.”


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