Nepal won’t join any military alliance: Foreign Minister Saud

Himal Press 17 Jan 2024
Nepal won’t join any military alliance: Foreign Minister Saud

KATHMANDU: Minister for Foreign Affairs, NP Saud, has said that Nepal won’t join any military alliance and will never accept to be a part of the security pack of any country.

Addressing the 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Ministerial Meeting in Kampala, Saud said Nepal always conducts independent, objective, balanced, and nonaligned foreign policy. “We will never join any military alliance and never accept to be a part of the security pact of any country,” he said. “We are effortful to graduate from LDC status and achieve our aspiration of development and prosperity.”

Saud added that Nepal, as the Chair of the LDCs, anticipates a robust cooperation framework and renewed partnership with all its development partners and fellow members of NAM, for investment, resources, capacity building, and technologies in the true spirit of North-South, South-South, and Triangular Cooperation. “Nepal is committed to taking up its role to make the world peaceful, prosperous, and more sustainable for us as well as the generations to come,” he added.

The foreign minister also said NAM must assert its collective voice to create an inclusive global order where all countries can prosper together, sharing global affluence equitably. “NAM, as a strong block with 120 countries representing around 60% of the world’s population, holds both majority and moral strengths to devise solutions to global problems that we face today- from conflicts to climate change; economic injustice to social inequality; the digital divide to debt distress, and hunger to disease,” he said, adding: “NAM must play a pivotal role in promoting multilateralism, defending the UN Charter and international law, finding peaceful solutions to disputes, reforming the global financial architectures, creating a just global economic order for shared affluence.”

Kampala is hosting the 19th NAM Summit on January 19-20. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is leaving for Kampala on Wednesday night leading the Nepali delegation at the NAM Summit. Nepal is a founding member of NAM. It has been embracing the policy of non-alignment as the basis of its foreign policy.

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Published On: 17 Jan 2024


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