Ilam by-poll a matter of prestige for NC: Shekhar

Himal Press 15 Apr 2024
Ilam by-poll a matter of prestige for NC: Shekhar

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Dr. Shekhar Koirala has stated that the NC must win the upcoming by-election in Ilam-2 at any cost to send a message that the party is not weak and is capable of contesting elections on its own.

“There is a perception that the NC has become weak, which has made pro-democracy forces inside and outside the country concerned. We need to boost the morale of everyone. This by-election, therefore, has become a matter of prestige for us,” Koirala said, addressing party cadres in Ilam on Monday.

Stating that this by-election will determine the future of the NC, Koirala instructed all party leaders and cadres in Ilam to set aside internal bitterness and grievances and unite for the election.

“As we can provide a ticket to contest the election to only one candidate, I request other aspirants not to be disheartened and work actively in the campaigning.”

The Election Commission is holding the by-polls in Ilam on April 27. NC has fielded its Ilam district committee president Dambar Bahadur Khadka in the election.

Published On: 15 Apr 2024


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